Business Car Loans

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Business Cars Loans

Get That Car Loan can provide several form of business car loans. Check out our links below which provide more details on our range of business car loans.

business car loans

No Doc Loans

At Get That Car Loan we can help you with your No Doc or Low Doc Car Loan. This can be the solution for those who are self-employed, or who have started a new business that may have limited financials or be unable to verify their income.


Commercial Hire Purchase

Here at Get That Car Loan we can offer you a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), which is is a commercial finance product where the customer hires the vehicle from the financier for a fixed monthly repayment over a set period of time.


Chattel Mortgage

Get That Car Loan can help you with your Chattel Mortgage, Chattel Mortgage is a business finance product where the client owns the vehicle at the time of purchase. The finance provider takes a mortgage over the vehicle as security for the loan.


Novated Lease

The most common type of loan to buy cars in Australia for personal use. The lender provides the funding necessary for a customer to purchase the vehicle. You, as the customer take immediate ownership of the vehicle when it is purchased.


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