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Personal Car Loan

Get That Car Loan can help you find a Personal Car Loan for your next new or used car. A Personal Car Loan is suitable if you who wish to purchase a car that is outside of normal lending guidelines (e.g. older model and low value vehicles) or who do not wish to have a loan secured against their vehicle.

Under a Personal Car Loan the financier advances funds to the customer, which is used to purchase a car. The customer then takes ownership of the vehicle at the time of purchase, and must repay the loan to the financier over the agreed terms.

Unlike a car loan, the financier does not hold the vehicle as security for the loan.

personal car loan

Benefits of a Personal Loan

  • Flexible contract terms ranging from one to ten years
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Deposit (either cash or trade-in) can be used
  • A tax deduction is available when the vehicle is used for business purposes
  • Less rigorous approval guidelines
  • The loan is not secured against the vehicle
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