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For Providing Car Loan Finance

Imagine having the peace of mind knowing that true professionals are on the case for you, so you are more relaxed and happy. Give us a call today or click the online approval button to get a car loan finance approval. You might have waited for a long time, let us quickly deliver your custom-tailored car finance package so you can sit back, relax and take delivery of your new car very soon.

Get That Car Loan has been helping our customers across Australia to save money on car finance for nearly 10 years. We have access to a variety of easy car loan options to suit your needs, including personal or business car finance, low doc, or novated leasing, as well as bad/impaired credit loans and a full range of insurance options. We provide car loan finance for both new and used cars as well.

As a trusted broker in the finance industry, with access to a large panel of lenders including banks and major car finance companies, we can tailor car loan packages for all situations.


Let us do the work for you to achieve a car loan finance solution to suit your individual needs.

Our long-term associations with a broad range of competitive and trusted lenders give Get That Car Loan access to competitive car finance deals throughout Australia.


Get That Car Loan Approval

Our approval officers will respond to your application on the same day if you will send a 2 Minute Car loan Finance Application form today. You will be contacted before 9 am on the next working day if your finance application is sent at night.

Free, no-obligation helpful advice 

The specialists at Get That Car Loan are focused on guaranteed car finance solutions. If you don’t know which option is best for you, our team of experts can help. They will clearly advise you on the pros and cons of all the different packages available in the marketplace. Our customer support is always present from the beginning to the end of the process. They are always ready to go above & beyond to help customers find answers to every query that they may have. We pride ourselves on offering ultimate client satisfaction.

Whether it is Hire Purchase, Leasing, Personal Loans, Chattel Mortgages, or the different tax advantages available, we can arrange it all. Imagine having peace of mind knowing that true professionals are working for you. We also assist with Bad Credit Car Loans and Centrelink Car Loans. Get in touch with us today to find out your possible options.

We also offer loans for Trucks, Bikes, Boats, and Homes. Kindly get in touch with our trusted team of experts today and they will provide you with the best deals available Australia-wide.


Let us find a car loan finance to best suit you.

Our experience and long term association with financiers throughout Australia means we have access to a wide range of loans at very competitive rates.

Tailored Car Loan Finance – Fast Approvals

Day-time Applications: They will be responded to you the same day.

Night-time Applications: They will be responded to before 9 am the next working day.

Free, No-Obligation Car Loan Finance Advice 

Our team of experts are happy to help. They can advise you about the pros and cons of all the loan packages on offer.

Get information on tax advantages. Everything from Hire, Purchase, Personal Loans, and the like, through to Chattel Mortgages.

Let our true professionals work through the best solution for you.

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